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5 year old female

Fostered in Toronto


Brownie is a 5 year old husky mix we recently rescued from the dog sledding industry. The first word that comes to mind when you think of Brownie is ‘SWEET’!  From day 1 she has been the sweetest, gentlest, most eager to please dog you’ll ever meet. She took very little time to acclimatize to her new surroundings, including a ‘little’ big foster brother named Skipper, a very small pomeranian chihuahua mix! 


Brownie has grown so much in just a few weeks, gaining in confidence and blending in seemlessly with our routine. She has established her three favourite resting spots, one in the living room beside me, one by the patio door, and one in the bedroom for when she wants some privacy.  She sleeps quietly through the night and gets up only when I do. She knows that once we are up I like to leisurely relax with my coffee and she is happy to join in the lounging - either on one of her beds or on the patio where she enjoys taking in all the sights and sounds. She especially loves when the two little dogs next door come under the fence to visit.


Brownie is house trained and has never had an accident in her foster home! She loves to go for walks, especially with Skipper and one the little dogs from next door. She has met so many dogs at the beach and is eager to meet them all with a wagging tail. She is also getting so good on the leash! She’s strong but manageable, and has been much better when using a gentle lead halti. She has high prey drive around squirrels and raccoons and will pull when she sees them. She has not yet met a cat so she would need to be tested, but hopefully because of how calm she is with Skipper and in general, she might be able to get used to them. 


Brownie LOVES to be brushed and cuddled and she has discovered toys!  She loves to destroy plush squeaky toys but unfortunately likes to eat the fabric so I’ve had to ban them. She likes balls and I’m still working on finding the safest ones for her to play with. There are times when Brownie follows me around the house but after a long walk, she is happy to rest. She doesn’t have any separation anxiety when left alone at home. She’s a dream dog! 


She is fostered inside a condo with lots of sounds in the halls and she doesn’t make a peep, even when Skipper barks she doesn’t say a word. She’s been super calm with visitors and even other dogs.


I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect dog than Brownie. She is just so happy to be part of the family! She is so smart and friendly and will only continue to grow into the fun loving soul she was always meant to be!


She has been dewormed, is microchipped, UTD on vaccines and spayed. Her adoption fee is $500. 

If you're interested in adopting Brownie please fill out an adoption form

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