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Meet Bugsy (AKA Bugs) a 13 week old American Bulldog mix with the most amusing personality and a heart of gold that instantly makes you adore him. Bugsy is as loyal and loving as it’s gets, he always wants to be by your side following in your shadow. He loves to curl up in your lap after playtime and attack you with kisses that will leave you feeling very loved. 


From his adorable waddle and comical personality Bugsy will surely provide constant joy to anybody who meets him. His combination of clumsiness, playfulness, and determination is bound to make you burst out in laughter. 


Bugsys friendly and social personality extends to not only his human companions but even his furry friends. When it comes to down time Bugsy does very well in the crate, sleeping soundly through the night. Additionally, Bugsys love for food makes training sessions a breeze.

Despite being the runt of the litter, Bugsy does not let his size hinder his spirit. In fact, it adds to his adorable charm. This little guy will undoubtedly bring an immense amount of love and laughter into his forever home, on top of memories that will last a lifetime.

Bugsy's adoption fee is $700. He has been dewormed, has had his first vaccine, is microchipped and will be neutered (when he is 6 months old).

If you're interested in adopting him please fill out an adoption form.

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