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8 year old female

Fostered in London Ontario


Canelle is an 8 year old Alaskan mix that we recently rescued from the dog sledding industry. She is the sweetest and most gentlesst girl you'll meet. She is very calm when in the house, but has a very energetic side when she hits the outdoors. Canelle loves being outside in the fresh air, smelling her surroundings. She loves going for walks and loves them so much she wants to go as fast as she can! She does pull for the first 10 minutes of her walks but then calms down once she figures out there is no rush and no need to run. She realizes she can stop and smell the roses!  


Canelle is great with kids and oves attention from children of all sizes. She loves when they give her belly rubs. Canelle is great with other dogs of all sizes. She will occasionally let out a small low growl if there is a very excited dog in her face but will just turn and walk away. She has never shown any real aggression towards other pups. Even on our walks when we meet new dogs, she shows no aggression.  She just keeps on her merry way!


Canelle is great in her crate. She never tries to escape the crate, it’s her safe space. She actually loves to cuddle up inside a lot of the time. When we are gone we leave the crate closed and she does great. When we are home the door of her crate is always open so she can come and go when she pleases! She does great with a dog bed and does not chew it.  


Canelle has been really great with house training. She has only had one accident in the house on the first day she came to us which was from her anxiety, but she has been amazing ever since. Canelle can hold her bladder through the night. When we go outside she knows what to do!


Canelle loves soft dog toys but eventually puts a hole in it, so she does go through them! She is a leisurely eater. She will eat when she's hungry and only if she's hungry. She will however take treats whenever offered! 


This girl will be the most loving addition to her forever home!


She is spayed, dewormed, microchipped and up to date with vaccines. Her adoption fee is $400.


If you’re interested in adopting her please fill out an adoption form.

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