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5 month old female

Fostered in Sarnia Ontario


Charlotte is a 6 month old Shepherd/Husky/Hound mix. Her nickname is Charlie. She may be big, but she is a timid and shy girl. She have lots of love to give, you just need to obtain her trust first. She's gets along with all sizes of dogs, and has been fine with cats. She typically runs away from dogs who are a bit too over bearing but will defend herself if she has too. 


Typically she is very calm, and doesn't chew on things she shouldn't. She does however enjoy a good and apropriate doggy chew. She will cuddle when she decides to, but tends to like laying in the crate as a safe space. She's mostly house trained as she's had only a few accidents. She's terrifed of everyone, especially men, and will hide and shake. Though with patience and time she will gain trust in that they won't hurt her. She also does not do well with a collar or being grabbed. 


She has done well with kids of all ages but would likely prefer they don’t touch her. She has not snapped at any person trying to pet her, she just typically shakes and hides. In the house the crate is her safe haven. She loves her food, but is weary and is unlikely to accept it from a person she doesn't trust. She likes to go for car rides, as she becomes attached/bonded to her person especially. 


She does okay on walks but usually have to coach her on as her nervousness always seems to get the best of her. Everything is a slow work in progress with her, but if you're willing to take the time to gain that trusting realtionship with her, she has all the potential of being the greatest companion. She will follow you anywhere. So if you have the patience and dedication to help Charlie continue to open up and grow into a truely amazing dog, apply today!


Charlotte is spayed, is UTD on vaccines, dewormed and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $700.


If you’re interested in adopting her please fill out an application.

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