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Clyde is a gentleman of extraordinary character, truly one of a kind. He possesses remarkable social skills, effortlessly mingling with others. He can keep up with the big dogs, move with stealth, and displays complete disregard for cats. Clyde also exhibits a unique talent for stalking and attacking leaves like no other.


When excited, Clyde bounds around with the agility of a kid goat, yet most of the time, he simply enjoys being close to his people, preferably lying on his back. His love for snuggling is unparalleled, always seeking connection, whether it's a paw on an arm or nestled between you and the sofa back. The closer, the better.


Clyde will faithfully follow you wherever you go, displaying mastery in navigating stairs and lying at your feet while you work in the kitchen. While he appreciates his solitary moments, his favorite spot is basking in the stream of sunshine on the floor.


Tug of war is another favored pastime, typically with rope toys, though occasionally the cuff of a pant leg serves as a good substitute. His outdoor pee breaks have significantly improved, and he's making progress in learning the command "sit."


Clyde is a calm, loving, and social boy, whose greatest desire is to snuggle. He would make a fantastic addition to any family.


His adoption fee is $700. He has been dewormed, has had his first vaccine, will be microchipped and will be neutered (when he is 6 months old).

If you're interested in adopting Clyde, please fill out an adoption form.

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