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4 year old male

Fostered in Ottawa Ontario 


Flash is a shy, gentle 4 year old sled dog we recently rescued from the dog sledding industry. He is a kind soul with a very calm and sweet demeanor. He is super quiet, does not growl or bite, and if he sees any other person or animal, he just sits quietly in a corner and keeps to himself, giving you a display of his adorable “whale eyes”. 


He loves his crate - that’s his absolute safe space. When he hears odd sounds, he occasionally comes out to take a peek as he seems to have an inquisitive nature. 


Despite him generally being as quiet as a mouse, look out for the occasional loud water sloshing because this doggy knows how to keep himself hydrated and drink his water regularly! 


He generally does his numbers outside but there has been a few occasions where he’s done it inside so just be sure to have some pads lined up as a backup! Double-leashing is definitely a must when he’s outside because this strong boy is quite a puller! It should be noted that since he’s gotten a taste of indoors, he tends to be a bit reluctant to go outside, but we do hope that by walking him regularly with lots of encouragement (treats, compliments etc.), he no longer needs to view outside as a threat.


Although he may take some time to warm up to new faces and environments, once he trusts you, he will be a loyal companion for life. Flash would certainly thrive in a quiet and patient home where he can feel safe and secure. If you are willing to give this shy dog a chance to blossom in a loving environment, he will reward you with unwavering loyalty and affection.


Flash has been neutered, is dewormed, UTD on vaccines and microchipped. His adoption fee is $500.


If you’re interested in adopting him please fill out an application

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