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Breed: Egyptian Baladi

Age: 7-8 years

Location: Milton ON


Since arriving at his current foster home Freddie has really surprised us with his excellent behaviour!  We were concerned that he might have an issue interacting with the resident dogs and cats but he has been nothing but a gentleman with the cats (and there is a lot of them) and he loves to play with the 2 family dogs, who are Baladi rescues as well.  Things went so well with Freddie that we brought his step daughter Maple to the home as well.  This poor girl has bounced around a bit since she landed in Canada through no fault of her own but wow, was she ever happy to be reunited with Papa Freddie!  


Freddie has always been a protector.  He wears it on his face, lots of scars on his snout and ears from his many years as a street dog in Egypt.  Without his chivalry and loyalty  his best friend Maggie never would have survived and the 6 pups would never have been born.  Freddie is a hero.  Smart too.  First thing in the morning he runs to the back door to be let out to do his thing.   Sometimes he lingers out back just so he can engage in two of his favourite hobbies.  Digging holes.  And then sitting in holes.  Once those  tasks are accomplished he trots proudly back in  and then he runs to the front door for his walk.  


Freddie loves walks!  And despite his age, he can move.  Strong and swift, but with lots of pit stops to sniff and mark.  He is also fascinated with squirrels and rabbits so you have to hold on tight.  But Freddie also listens and is far more interested in moving along anyways.  Once back home Freddie is not done!  Time to wrestle with Maple and usually the other 2 dogs as well, who are about the same age as him.  Now an old boy like Freddie can work up a big thirst after all that activity, you always need to make sure that the water dish is full.  He has a hearty appetite too, but he shares his food nicely with Maple.


After some fresh air and exercise and a good meal Freddie will reward himself with a well deserved snooze.  But no beds or couches for Freddie.  He doesn’t seem interested in a soft landing, although we have offered many times.  He prefers the floor, or the carpeted landing at the foot of the stairs right beside the front door.  That’s Freddie, always the protector.  This old guy deserves the best as he has undoubtedly been through some of the worst.  He is so loyal, adorable, smart and tough.  We love Freddie and we know you will too.

His adoption fee is $1000. Please fill out the adoption form above if you are interested in giving Freddie a loving home

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