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Meet Prentice, the embodiment of all things adorable! This bright-eyed bundle of energy is ready to wiggle her way into your heart. Watch out, Everest! Prentice is conquering the stairway summit one step at a time. Her stair-mastery skills are a testament to her determination and growing sense of adventure.


She loves a good tug of war with her toys! Prentice is the life of the puppy party with her foster brothers and sister. She’s also been respectful to her kitty friends too. Learning the ropes of doggy play from the seasoned veterans, she's quickly becoming a social butterfly with a tail-wagging entourage. 


Prentice has gotten used to having naps in her crate during down time. With consistent guidance, Prentice is mastering the art of bathroom etiquette. Every successful potty break is a victory, and she's proving that with a dash of determination and lots of encouragement, accidents will soon be a thing of the past.


Prentice’s adoption fee is $700. She has been dewormed, has had her first vaccine, is microchipped and will be spayed (when she is 6 months old).

If you're interested in adopting her please fill out an adoption form.

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