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Fostered in Belleville, ON

Kira is a gorgeous sled dog wew rescued from the Quebec dog sledding industry. She was born in April. She has beautiful husky-like features, including a half blue eye. She loves to run around outside and play with her foster siblings. She loves toys, and is an aggressive chewer that requires strong toys that she cannot break pieces off. She can be a bit possessive with her toys, but has never shown any aggression towards us or our animals.


This girl loves everyone and everything. She has made tremendous improvement with eating around her sisters. She is much less possessive with her food and is learning to stay out of her foster sisters bowls. She gets along nicely with our 1 year old cat, but is still learning how to have calmer interactions with her.


Kira has tons of energy and loves to play. She would be best suited to a busy house-hold where she will get lots of activity, love and attention. Ideally her family will have space to let her run around and play. She is great with other animals and was amazing around my 1 and 2 year old nieces. She is doing very well with her potty training, although still has accidents here or there. We do not use pee pads, but I think she would take to them well if desired.


She is crate trained, and typically only cries when she needs to be let out to go potty. She is highly trainable, and loves to please. If her family continues to work on her training, she will be an incredible addition to almost any home. Kira loves to cuddle and show affection. She is an incredible girl and settles quickly into any situation.

If you are interested in adopting Kira, fill out an adoption form by clicking the red button above.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Kira, please fill out the adoption form.

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