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Fostered in London

Lunas foster family said the following about her:

“This gal has such an AMAZING personality once she opens up to you. Lulu does better with female humans, but is learning that males are not as scary as they may seem (we just don’t think she’s ever been around males much). She’s crate trained & is generally as quiet as a mouse. She lets out the odd “woowoooo” when she’s excited.


She plays well with puppies and other dogs with proper introduction & is wonderful with kitties. She also LOVES babies and toddlers. She is so gentle with everything. Although it takes her a while to trust her human, once that trust is there she is an INCREDIBLE companion. This gal came ALLLL the way from Egypt and needs a soft landing.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Luna, please fill out the adoption form located above. Luna's adoption fee is $1000

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