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Fostered in Simcoe

Molly is a 2 year old, bulldog mix pup who has had a good life so far. Her humans are working too much and would like to find her a place with some more free time. 

Molly has level one training for dog classes, and continues to show improvement everyday. She is jumpy, but still learning to not jump up. She walks the best in a halter, stops on all corners when walking for safety and is good with her recalls. She is very food motivated, as long as there treats she will do anything you ask and is willing to please. 

She is crate trained, she sleeps in her crate by herself at night time she likes to have a blanket in her crate or a bed. 

Molly is guarded meeting new people at first, but quickly warms up to anyone. She loves kids, but would recommend no young kids as she loves to play and  will jump. Molly is okay with other dogs, but would be best in a home with no other pets. 

She plays rough with other dogs, so would recommend no smaller dogs. She does not get along with cats. 

She is a fun loving, energetic, cuddle bug who loves to snuggle up on the couch or in her little doggy bed. Molly loves to go for walks on the trails, loves playing fetch or tug. Loves having her chest, and cute, freckled belly rubbed all day long. She is an avid squirrel watcher, and loves to come fishing when we go. Loves a kiddy pool, in the summertime, can’t keep her out of it long enough she would splash and lay in it all day if allowed! 

Molly is in great health. She has been spayed and is UTD  with vaccines. She has also been taking Nexgard monthly. Her adoption fee is $600.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting her, please fill out the application.

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