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2 year old male 

Fostered in London Ontario

✴️ FIV positive 


Meet Onyx, the epitome of feline affection! This charismatic boy thrives on attention, eagerly soaking up every ounce of love and cuddles he can get. With an infectious playfulness he seamlessly integrates into the furry family, cozying up to both cats and dogs alike. Onyx's passion for food knows no bounds, making him an easy win with treats or a hearty meal. He promises to be the ultimate companion and purr-fect addition to any household.


Onyx came from the worst place of neglect and hoarding we have ever seen. He was housed with 30-40 other cats and kittens. They were all injured, emaciated, and full of parasites. Only a few of these cats were able to be saved. Onyx was one of the lucky ones. 


He was covered in fleas, had a huge wound along his back and had a raging ear infection, but was still able to show love. We brought him back to health and performed his bloodwork. Our worst fear: He has FIV. FIV is a virus that is contracted by a deep cat bite (to another cat). The bite would need to break skin. There were a lot of cats there that had clearly had to fight for their life.He has scars on his body from scratches and scabs.


Having FIV means that infections that could affect a cat (like gum disease or an upper respiratory infection) can be much more severe in a FIV-infected cat. They don’t have their immune system fully functional to fight these infections as effectively as a cat without FIV. 


Onyx is currently fostered in a home with cats & dogs, and does amazing with both of them! 


Onyx is 2 years old. He has been neutered, dewormed & UTD on vaccines. His adoption fee is $200. 


If you are interested in adopting Onyx, please fill out the adoption form

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