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Female (spayed)

Breed: Egyptian Baladi

Born: May 23, 2022

Size: Medium (when full grown)

Energy: High

Location: Milton, ON

Maple looks like a dog.  She walks and talks and acts like a dog.  But we are not so sure.  She must be part kangaroo or tree frog or something because we have never seen a dog so athletic that can jump so high from a standstill.  She jumps when she is excited.  She jumps when she isn’t excited.  She jumps for pets and treats and walks and when you go to the kitchen, the bathroom, even when you roll over in bed.  She would jump over the moon If there was a cookie on the other side. She is  an expert wiggler too. Her propeller wagging furiously, her little back end swaying so hard that you swear it will fly off at any moment.  So happy all the time. And quick and fast! 


Maple knows how to entertain herself.  Maple loves to collect anything, no, sorry about that, EVERYTHING, that might have been left on the floor, and take it to her secret hiding spot at the top of the stairs.  Um, sorry Maple, secret not so secret! Ok, so she is pro level at gathering, entry level at hiding!  Her favourite things to play with are your shoes and your socks.  Even when you are wearing them! We believe she has a foot fetish. She doesn’t need training, she needs counselling!  Unlike her Papa Freddie, she is a bit of a diva.  


Maple loves her dog bed lots and human beds even more.  Doesn’t matter how many people or cats or dogs are already on the bed, there is always room for Maple. Um, Maple, I think you are sitting on Coco.  And Luna. Or is that Frank? Anyway,  when she isn’t crashing with the cats she is playing with them.  She can play for hours with other dogs, just like we did yesterday and just like we will tomorrow.  Life is great, but it would be a lot better with someone like you.  Listen, if you adopt me I hear my foster dad will even throw in a couple of pairs of chewed up size 10’s.  No charge!  Let me go get them, they’re at the top of the stairs…

Her adoption fee is $1000. She is spayed,  up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. If interested in adopting her, please reach out or fill out the application form. 


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