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3 year old male


Fostered in Ottawa, Ontario

My name is Roadtrip! Pretty silly name, huh? Well you need a pretty silly name for a pretty silly boy like me!

I am a 3 year old husky/malamute who was recently rescued from the sled dog industry.

I really enjoy playing games and love cuddling, so I hope my new forever family will like those things too! I'm so friendly and my foster family says I'm super easy to get along with, though they also say my excitement is hard to contain!

I'm still new at this whole "living inside" thing, so potty training is a work in progress, but I'm working really hard on getting outside every time and I'm getting better every day. With a little bit of love and encouragement I'm going to catch on in no time!

I am crate trained and usually happy to hangout in there, but I have a bit of fear of missing out, or FOMO, as foster mom calls it. When I'm afraid that you're going to leave me alone for a long time, I'll sometimes use my voice to let you know I'm still here. Foster mama tells me that I'll get more comfortable soon and not be afraid of being alone.

I currently live with 2 husky foster siblings, and I love them so much! We play together and get along well. I am not cat tested.

I’m full of energy and enjoy my walks a lot. I’m really starting to understand how to politely walk on a leash! Since I was a working sled dog, this will be a bit of a work in progress as we learn together.

I will need careful supervision outdoors, as my jumping skills are top notch, and I've already managed to jump a six foot fence. For this reason, I'll need to be double leashed while I'm still learning. A member of our team will talk to you about sled dog safety.

My sweet personality and friendly nature make it pretty hard not to fall in love with me! With love, patience, and a bit of training, I’ll be your best friend before you know it!

My adoption fee is seven hundred. I am neutered and up to date on all relevant vaccines. If you'd like to apply to adopt me, please fill out the adoption application

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