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Rosie is a 9 week (as of March 12th) old Northern mix who was brought into our rescue from a small community in northern Manitoba. The locals saw she needed help and reached out to our friends at Save a Dog Network.


Rosie was rescued with bilateral uveitis. She was blind. She immediately saw a vet when she got to Winnipeg and determined that she needed a specialist. We didn’t hesitate to bring her to us. Rosie’s eyes have been improving and the vet in Ontario believes that she will recover with little to no issues to her vision. That being said, meet Rosie!


She is a small, shy, but mighty girl! She tends to shy away from stangers and loud noises, but is learning that we aren’t all bad. Rosie likes to follow her foster mom EVERYWHERE! She gets very attached to her human and if left behind become vocal and unhappy. 


She LOVES to cuddle and snuggle! She also loves to play, but not as much as she LOVES her naps! 

She is not a huge chewer but does like normal puppies do. 


Rosie is great with dogs of all sizes. She has met cats but not really interacted with them. Rosie is currently working on her potty training and doing well. She is also learning her name and coming when asked. She is very smart! She is doing well with crate training too. 


Rosie’s adoption fee is $700. Reimbursement of $150 if you choose to do the sterilization at your own vet. They have been dewormed, have had their first vaccine, is microchipped and will be sterilized (when they turn 6 months old).

If you're interested in adopting her, please fill out an adoption form.

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