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Introducing Ruby – she’s cheeky, goofy and so affectionate!

What will it be about Ruby that will capture your heart? Will it be her adoring gaze, fun-loving and silly antics or those unbelievable pearly whites that could only rival that of a A-list actress. 

Have you been looking for a sidekick in your life that will greet you with open arms and quite literally reach out for hugs because they are so happy to see you? The amount of love this girl has to give is almost too good to be true. She loves her people and has a fondness for kids too! Her favourite pastime is curling up in your lap for a nap.

Ruby has been exposed to cats. She may challenge the cat a bit and may chase, but it feels like the motivation to do so is based on friendship and a want for a companion. Ruby does not like to be alone but with time, patience and another canine in the home this will surely improve. Easily meets people and dogs on neighborhood walks which makes us believe a home with a confident and friendly dog would suit her best. If there is a young person in the home that would be a bonus!

Take a seat because her background will make you shake your head with disbelief. She was found abandoned on a reserve, emaciated and pregnant. Sadly, she lost her entire litter as she was too weak to support the puppies. She was literally starving and it seems like a consequence of this makes her starved for attention. So, she bonds hard and fast and is working on this in her foster home. She is quite literally re-building herself both physically and mentally. 

A work-from-home scenario or one where family members are home for the majority of the day is ideal. She can get vocal when you leave the house but with distraction this is improving. 

Next up, car rides. She’s the kinda gal who rides nose up with ears blowing in the wind. You can just tell that it brings her joy. She is interested in squirrels and geese but her prey drive doesn’t seem to be high. It is almost an inquisitive thing. 

Not crated in the house, sleeps on her dog bed in the bedroom and looks to her stuffie collection for comfort. She LOVES stuffies!

She is a mastiff mix and it clearly shines through. She is affectionate, has a gentle demeanour and takes calm direction well. Easily trainable and leash skills are improving every day.

Ruby’s adoption fee is $700. She is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and has been both spayed and microchipped.

If you are interested in adopting Ruby please fill out an adoption application

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