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Introducing Tessa, an adorable 8-week-old lab mix, ready to steal your heart! She's a pro at potty training and will let you know when nature calls with a gentle whine. With her feisty yet loving personality, Tessa brings endless joy with her adorable zoomies. She thrives in the company of other dogs, enjoying snuggles, tug of war, and playful wrestling sessions. Fearless and full of confidence, loud noises don't faze her one bit. Tessa's love for toys knows no bounds, making her the perfect companion for playtime adventures. Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome this sweet little pup into your home!


Tessa’s adoption fee is $700. Reimbursement of $150 if you choose to do the sterilization at your own vet. They have been dewormed, have had their first vaccine, will be microchipped and will be sterilized (when they turn 6 months old).


If you're interested in adopting Tessa, please fill out an adoption form.

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