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Meet Virginia (AKA Ginny) a 13 week old American Bulldog mix who instantly melts the hearts of everybody she meets. Although Ginny’s love is boundless towards everybody, she cares very deeply for the people who care for her. 


Virginia loves to run around outside with her brother, explore her new surroundings, and chew on her chew toys. Shey is perfectly suited to keep up with you during active times and be right by your side cuddled up on the couch during your not so active times. This gorgeous girl loves to be warm and adores being cuddled up by the fireplace or wrapped in a cozy blanket next to you. 


 Virginia does very well with other dogs, approaching them in a friendly and calm manner. Additionally, Ginny has been doing an amazing job in the crate, even seeking comfort there during her downtime. Her love for food makes her a very motivated learner when it comes to training. 


From her beautiful colours and adorable eyes to her sweet and infectious personality she is guaranteed to bring endless joy and happiness into her forever home.

Virginia's adoption fee is $700. She has been dewormed, has had her first vaccine, is microchipped and will be spayed (when she is 6 months old).

If you're interested in adopting her please fill out an adoption form.

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