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1 year old male

Woah! Where am I?! Am I really here looking to find my forever family?! It was just the other week they were telling me I only had a few hours left before they put me to sleep, and now I'm ready to find my own family?! Wow! Things sure can change quickly around here!


My name is Winter and I'm about 1 year old. That means I'm still just a baby learning the ropes of indoor life. I was pulled from a high stress situation in a kill shelter so I'm still decompressing but my foster family thinks I'm going to learn quickly. I just need somebody with the time, patience, and love to guide me. Think of me like a full sized puppy! 


I'm learning my leash skills, and once we get going I'm really good on walks and hardly even pull, but for the first little bit I might run in circles or flop on the ground and wonder what the heck we're doing out here! I like hanging out in my foster family's fenced back yard and exploring bushy garden areas. 


I'm working on my potty training, but as long as you get me outside often and give me treats and positive reinforcement when I do a good job, I think I'm going to learn quickly. I'm also still learning how not to chew, so lots of toys and stimulation would be really good to have in my new home! I like to chase toys you throw but I'm not so good on the whole "fetch" thing. Maybe you could teach me? Sure seems like a fun game! 


I'm told I'm some kind of husky mix but there's just something about my face that foster mom says is different, almost like a bull terrier. I'm about 47 pounds and I think I'm done growing, but I could surprise you with a few more pounds now that I'm getting proper meals and exercise! 


I'm technically crate trained but if you put me in there I'm going to sing the song of my people. Loudly. All night long. But that's just because I came from a situation where I was kennelled for long periods of time so I'm a little scared. 


I am good with children (though I will easily knock them down, so bigger children would be better for me), small and large dogs and I really like to be a part of "the crew" when I'm playing with other dogs. I've lived with multiple cats and not bothered with them. 


I like being near my people, especially when it's time to sleep. Foster dad says I'm pretty fond of the white noise the fan makes. I don't know what that means but it makes me feel calm. Could we have a fan in my new home? 


At the end of the day, I really just want somebody to play with me and somebody to cuddle up on the couch with. Somebody to love me. It was just last week my final hours were numbered, and that was really scary. I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life! Could that chapter include you? 


Winter’s adoption is $700. He has been neutered, dewormed, microchipped, and is up to date on vaccines.


If you’re interested in adopting him please fill out an application

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